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Givin' it our best shot... by VersaFarm Givin' it our best shot... by VersaFarm

Here we go, Round an' Round

Horse: Invalydated*
2nd Annual Silver Spur All-Arabian Championship Held by ~Zephyrra
Rider: Brooke Oaks
Number: #315


Brooke changed into her western show clothes and tried to get accustomed to the different feeling, being used to the different style and feel of English clothes. She sighed and looked up at the sun. She stepped out of the trailer that was parked on the property of Desert's Edge stables. Brooke thought about what had come of her since she came to Versa earlier that year. She had been almost a complete amateur, but everyone told her she was a complete natural. She was riding one of the stable's more difficult horses, Invalydated*, or 'Coco', The stables only current western Arabian besides Gabbar ibn Inshalla* who was not yet old enough to be competing in riding events.
Brooke walked up to Coco's head and rubbed her forehead. "Who's the pretty girl?" Brooke talked quietly. It was the first time that Coco would be competing in Western Pleasure since Versa had first acquired the stunning mare. Selena had offered to ride Coco herself since Brooke had only ridden Coco in practice sessions back at the farm, but Brooke was confident that she'd do fine. She pulled on her chaps, gloves and hat, then began tacking up Coco. She gently put on the western bridle, then smoothed the saddle pad into place, then tightened the girth to the notch that Coco needed.

In the warm up ring, Brooke brought Coco to a walk, trot and lope. She worked in figure-8s and other figures that might be used in the ring.

The louspeaker boomed over the showsite, "Western Pleasure horses to the ring please, Western Pleasure horses to the ring please." Brooke wanted to bite her lip, but knew she couldn't with her lipstick on. Instead, she just gripped the reins as tightly as she could and thanked that she was wearing black gloves, so no one could see her knuckles growing white. Coco seemed to sense her nervousness and began to pick up the pace. As they arived by the ring, Brooke caught sight of Selena and rode over. "Do you have any of the 5-Flower that I could take? I'm getting really nervous..."
Selena smiled and pulled it out of her bag, "Of course I do!" She gave some to Brooke to spray in her mouth, Then sprayed some around Coco's head. As they entered the ring, The background music toned down- "
Hit me with your best shot...</a> so appropriately. Suddenly, All of Brooke's nerves disappeared, as she loped into the ring.

Artist's Comments

This is from a while ago, and just reading the show rules today I realized that I did not put chaps or gloves on Brooke. I'll probably add some... I think I might also have to fix Coco's bit... O.o I'll have to fix this stuff before I send it in.
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Fancy-Breeze Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Student Digital Artist
It looks really pretty! I love how you do horses! The only thing I would say is to put the mane up to his/her ears. I feel like she's missing half her mane. But still, it looks amazing!
VersaFarm Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's supposed to have a long bridle path. Many western Arabians do.
Fancy-Breeze Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Ok. I'm not very familiar with Arabs. My bad. It looks amazing though! ;)
VersaFarm Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :)
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December 28, 2012
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